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Portraits of Canton: Repurposing with Sorek Minery

February 29, 2016 Business, Community, Photos No Comments

When Sorek Minery found some weathered wood and other materials in an attic at the the former Collins Company factory complex, he was intrigued, but cautious.

Like many woodworkers, he loves to repurpose old material but the pieces – an old flag pole, vintage fire hose, attic planks, repurposed steam pipe, hand-cut spikes and scaffolding planks – were in rough shape, well worn and, in some cases, even water damaged.

“I was so surprised to even find that,” said Minery, who for 9 years has operated his Blue Ridge Woodworks shop at the complex. “It didn’t look like anything you could use.”

But Minery managed to make of few pieces from the material including a shop cart turned conversation piece that takes advantage of a little asymmetry and plenty of imperfections.

“It’s putting a little piece of history in furniture,” Minery said. “It’s enjoyable because you have to think of how something can be reused.”

Most of the wood is old growth Douglas Fir, with tight grain not found in most of today’s wood. A few pieces of Chestnut serve as the aprons that help hold it all together. Spikes and steam pipe disguise some pre-existing holes and gaps in the wood are filled with a powdered filler that was mixed with aniline dye.

“I just like blue with those colors,” Minery said. “There was an opportunity, with such deep voids in the wood, that you could make it a little bit louder.”

Minery plans to let some local businesses use the cart as a display piece. He’s hoping it will lead to conversations and other projects.

“If nothing else it gets your name out there,” he said.

This isn’t the only unique project Minery has worked on during his 9 years at the factory site.

He’s also crafted a unique bench from black locust trees that were felled on the property. That bench became the cornerstone of a short inaugural “At the Axe Factory” pilot, a collaboration between Blue Ridge Woodworks and 179 Pictures.

See more of Minery’s work, including pictures of the cart at www.BlueRidgeCT.com.

More photos can also be seen at https://johnfitts.smugmug.com/Re-purposed-with-Sorek-Minery/

— John Fitts 


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Daily Mass @ St. Patrick Church
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