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Letter: Consider Rejecting $1.3 Million Grant for Collinsville Streetscape

August 9, 2016 Government, Opinion 1 Comment

To the Editor: (In reference to brief about Collinsville grant vote Wednesday night).

One hundred percent of the grant’s source of the funds is DEBT.

The need is now to stop government officials from distributing such financially insolvent drugs called grants.

The grant to Canton comes from an $11 million allocation of General Obligation bonds approved by the State Bond Commission in March of 2016.

Of the total $11 million allocation, $6 million was allocated under the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) program, and $5 million was allocated under the Responsible Growth Incentive Fund (RGIF) program.

Voters, consider how the acceptance of the grant will promote the political agenda of the Governor at the expense of future financial integrity of the State.

Voters, consider rejecting the grant and demand that the DEBT obligation be reduced by the amount of the grant. Outright deny the Governor the ability to throw financial favors to another municipality and at the same time show one another we want to be a fiscally responsible citizenry.

Larry Minichiello 

  • Robert Bessel

    While Larry’s recommended course of action has good intentions, it will hardly curb state spending. Instead, it will prevent Canton from fixing sidewalks, improving street lighting, pedestrian safety and access for people with disabilities. It will also give Canton a new nickname – “The Town that Turned Down $1.3 Million.” I doubt that we want to be so foolish.

    The debate over state spending will be settled in the General Assembly, not in Canton or any other Connecticut town that tries to improve its infrastructure on tight budgets. Larry should know that, given his experience on the Board of Education and Selectmen.

    If Larry wants to focus on state issues, then he should run for state representative. Anything less is a disservice to the town and its citizens.


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