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Letter to the Editor: Rebuilding the Garage at Its Current Location Violates Canton’s Vision of the Future

October 12, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 3 Comments

To the Editor:

A riverfront is a one-time natural gift and should be treated as such. This November, the voters of Canton have the opportunity and the obligation to enforce our town’s commitment to preserving our greatest natural gift, Canton’s riverfront.

As required by Connecticut General Statutes §8-23, Canton has adopted a Plan of Conservation and Development (“POCD”).  The POCD is our blueprint for Canton’s development, and it unequivocally preserves our riverfront for recreation, open space, and economic revitalization. Rebuilding the town garage at its current location would violate the POCD.  It also would conflict with the Upper Mills Pond Management Plan (the “Plan”). 

Canton commissioned the Plan with a Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection grant.  It calls for removing the garage from the riverfront and turning the location into a recreational area.  Both the POCD and the Plan are the result of the town’s wise investment of tax dollars in years of thoughtful and deliberate study.  The citizens of Canton should not allow the rush to find a buildable site for a new town garage to undue our commitment to preserve Canton’s greatest natural resource for generations to come.

Michael J. Pendell
Canton resident

  • Larry Minichiello


    The Upper Collinsville Mill Pond Master Plan is truly of questionable value and should serve to the voters of Canton as a great example of, “STATE GRANTS GONE WRONG.”

    Want to know voters, please visit the Town’s electronic storage vault and see for yourself that the study is troubling and inconsistent:


    The best example of troubling content is so much more than the lack of critical thought of the written content but also a serious omission in an exhibit: A road which is required for workers to get to work at the sewage treatment plant as well as an 18 wheeler truck which is required to haul away sewage sludge every week.


    Canton voters, please trust those Board Board of Selectman who voted in the majority to rebuild the garage, right where it already is located.

    • Michael Pendell

      Larry, you don’t trust government remember? That was your whole campaign platform. Now you want us to trust you? You are the guy who votes no for everything – except the town garage.

  • Michael Pendell

    Larry, the current Board is interested in being the board that got this done period. You sent out surveys and the majority of people who responded are opposed to this. Yet, you ignore the results of that survery. Also, how do you respond to the fact that the POCD clearly contemplates removal of the garage from its current location? We are required by law to develop a POCD. Why are we not following it? As a member of the Board who tauts wasteful spending – time, effort and money went into the POCD and you just want to throw it out. Also, as a sitting member of the board, should you be commenting at all on any of these articles considering this is on the upcoming ballot? I was under the impression the Board could no longer take a position on this now. One could easily make the accusation that you are trying to influence the outcome of the ballot referendum. And the Upper Mills Pond Master Plan is of questionable value to who? You, who has made it no secret you are opposed to any state grants at all? Funny, you hate big government unless it has an impact on you and then you are at Town Meetings trying to gather support for what you want done (does the Dent Fix property ring a bell)? Answer a few questions for the good people of Canton sir: (1) isn’t it true the PMBC is against this and has told the Board as much; (2) is there space to expand this new garage at its current location if future Canton residents deem it necessary; (3) Hasn’t Canton contemplated removal of the garage from this location for more than a decade; (4) will there be space to add additional trucks in the future if we need them; (5) is it or is it not in the 100 year flood plain; (6) what exactly do you believe is inconsistent with the Upper MIlls Pond Management Plan; (7) how much of the square footage is devoted to office space and what is the justification for having office space bigger than most of the houses in Canton; (8) what is the garage actually going to cost (you don’t know because we have zero bids just an estimate and in construction a $3.9M estimate really means $4.3 in actual cost). We have a lot of wide open commerial space in more appropriate parts of town. This is a mistake. The people of Canton are not going to let it happen and you will be right back to where you started. Write that down, put today’s date on it, and remember you heard it from me.


Turley 5

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