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Letter to the Editor: Rebuilding the Garage at Its Current Location Violates Canton’s Vision of the Future

To the Editor:

A riverfront is a one-time natural gift and should be treated as such. This November, the voters of Canton have the opportunity and the obligation to enforce our town’s commitment to preserving our greatest natural gift, Canton’s riverfront.

As required by Connecticut General Statutes §8-23, Canton has adopted a Plan of Conservation and Development (“POCD”).  The POCD is our blueprint for Canton’s development, and it unequivocally preserves our riverfront for recreation, open space, and economic revitalization. Rebuilding the town garage at its current location would violate the POCD.  It also would conflict with the Upper Mills Pond Management Plan (the “Plan”).  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Watershed Association Weighs in on Public Works Facility Plan

To the Editor:

The argument for re-building the Canton town garage on a mound at its existing location goes something like this:  No other site is presently available, affordable, and acceptable; using the current site is the cheapest alternative, it’s technically feasible, and conforms to the letter (at least) of regulations about building on floodplains;  the garage staff should have a better facility; and not least, people are tired of this issue, and it could be resolved with a referendum vote in November. … Continue Reading

Fixing, Updating Cherry Brook Grange Building Could Cost the Town More than $100,000

October 11, 2016 Community, Government No Comments

By John Fitts 

NORTH CANTON — On Thursday, selectmen will discuss how – and potentially even if – to proceed with repairs at the Cherry Brook Grange Building.

In September of 2013,  members of the dissolved Cherry Brook Patrons of Husbandry Grange #210, formally signed the building over to the town for community, government and civic use.

The building was in need of much repair and since the town took it over, several community organizations have donated funds to help repair the building, covering costs such as asbestos tile removal, well pump repair and a new septic tank. The town has also already budget $10,000 for roof repairs.

This week, the Board of Selectmen will discuss the issues at the building and Boy Scout Troop 177’s desire to help rehabilitate and use the building.

… Continue Reading

Update: Broken Water Pipe Fixed

October 11, 2016 Government No Comments


Update: Officials reported that this pipe was fixed at approximately 7 p.m. 

CANTON — At 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, the Canton Public Works Department and Connecticut Water Company were on site of a broken water pipe at the corner of Simonds and Dyer avenues.

The pipe was broken in the early afternoon as crews were performing some road work in the area. Canton Public Works Director Robert Martin said the town did call before digging and knew the pipe was there. Unfortunately a town crew was working near it and hit a rock that, in turn, broke the cement pipe, Martin said.

Currently, some area homes have no (or discolored) water, included those along Dyer Avenue between Gildersleeve and Route 44, he said. One home on Simonds is also affected. A Connecticut Water tanker truck is at Cherry Brook Health Center and the Canton Community Center, serviced by another line, does have running water but is on limited use.

Martin said the water company at 2 p.m. estimated it would be 6 to 8 hours to fix the pipe.

The Public Works department has remained on site to assist the Connecticut Water Company with the repair, Martin added.

‘Turtle Dance Music’ Performs in Canton on Saturday, Oct. 15

Submitted Release 

1468508642On Saturday, Oct. 15 at 11 a.m. the Canton Public Library presents “Turtle Dance Music with Mr. Matt,” in a fun, free performance in the adjacent Community Center. Bring your family to the library and you’ll be treated to a joyful and educational music and movement session. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: What are the alternative sites to the Farmington River for Canton’s New Highway garage?

To the Editor:
We know you are in favor of a new garage. We all are. But if we’re not going to build on the river, where should we build it?  Everyone wants to know what – exactly – are the other possible sites?Not On Our River does not have a list of other sites, nor should we – that is the job of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee (PMBC), as established by the Board of Selectmen. Their responsibility is to look at these kinds of needs and make recommendations. The mission of Not On Our River is simply to remove the garage from the river. Members of the PAC Not on Our River are not building or siting experts and neither is the Board of Selectmen. The PMBC members, who have successfully managed many Canton projects, are the building experts. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: It Doesn’t Make Sense to Rebuild Garage at Current Location

To The Editor

There is no doubt that the Town of Canton is in desperate need of a new town garage. The question is where should it be located?

It just does not make sense to rebuild it at its current location. A new building residing at 1 foot above the 100 year flood stage is not an economically prudent or a safe choice. This flood stage calculation doesn’t even take into account the devastation that could occur in the event of an upstream dam breach. … Continue Reading

Canton League of Women Voters Releases 2016 Voting Guide

The League of Women Voters of Canton has published its 2016 Voters Guide with questions for candidates looking to represent Canton in the state legislature. Those running include Canton resident and  incumbent state senator Kevin Witkos, a Republican, and his Democratic challenger David Peña of Avon. Additionally, state Rep. Tim LeGeyt, who is running unopposed has responded to the questions. See the guide below.

Additionally the league will host a Candidates forum on Tuesday, October 18 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Canton High School, 76 Simonds Ave. featuring the candidates for the Nov. 8 election.

In addition to three above candidates, those from the U.S. House of Representative and U.S Senate have been invited.

See more about the league at http://lwvcanton.org

Letter to the Editor: Rebuild the Garage Where it Is But With More Environmental Safeguards

To the Editor:

I join a number of my fellow residents of Canton in urging you to consider the recent, thoughtful proposal brought forth by the Board of Selectmen which calls for the rebuilding the Town Garage at its current site.

In looking through the proposal, you will see that the costs and complexity of the project have been reduced by more than 20% from previous proposals.

In my opinion, nice but noncritical components have been eliminated. And, there is no cost associated with procuring another site. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: ‘Canton’s November DPW Referendum Incomplete and Shortsighted’

To the Editor:

The Canton BOS initiated a site selection process in 2008 to relocate the DPW facility on the Farmington River based, in part, on advice from engineers that building in the flood plain would inevitably add to the cost of construction. Additional funds would be required, first to raise the site out of the flood plain, then to mitigate by excavating and lowering the adjacent little league field so it can handle flood waters, and further to disrupt operations while moving and housing equipment somewhere else during construction. The proposed referendum site at 50 Old River Road presents extra costs that do not exist elsewhere, yet the added expense has not been discussed publicly and no temporary site for DPW, or its cost, has been identified. … Continue Reading


Upcoming Events

8:30 am Daily Mass @ St. Patrick Church
Daily Mass @ St. Patrick Church
Mar 27 @ 8:30 am
1:30 pm Wii Bowling @ Canton Community Center
Wii Bowling @ Canton Community Center
Mar 27 @ 1:30 pm
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Canton Food Bank @ Trinity Episcopal Church
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8:30 am Daily Mass @ St. Patrick Church
Daily Mass @ St. Patrick Church
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