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Letter to the Editor: Hope is Not a Strategy

To the Editor:

Town garage project facts

I want to start my letter with a quote from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.”  I have watched for months as letters have been written providing differing opinions related to the proposed town garage project. I thought it was time for facts. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Vote No to rebuild the DPW facility at the Farmington River site  

October 28, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

Where to start? Being a member of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee (PMBC) for over ten years and having worked on the DPW project for much of that time, I see so many negative aspects of the current proposal I still can’t believe it has made it to a referendum. It has, however, and after spending so much time and effort towards the development of a new DPW facility, I find it truly painful to be in the position of arguing against any proposal to replace the current facility. I simply cannot, however, support such a flawed and short sighted plan. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Canton Boards Ignored In Haste to Build Town Garage

To the editor:

The new garage should not be built on its old site near the river. I agree with the many who have given thoughtful, fact filled arguments that support building elsewhere.

Here is a puzzle: … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Let’s Stop Wasting Time and Our Taxpayers’ Money

To the Editor:

Those opposing rebuilding the Canton town garage where it is are now changing their story and charging that the thoughtful and well thought out recommendation of the Board of Selectmen Is” hasty” and a “rush” to judgment. This is absurd.

For nearly a decade, everyone has agreed that the garage needs to be rebuilt. Over the last nine years, we have had two expensive and divisive referendums and we have spent more than $330,000 of taxpayer money on studies and site selection. In fact, the town has looked at more than 80 sites including the town green! The taxpayers have spoken resoundingly. Both referendums were defeated. I would imagine those who think this process has been hasty thought the Thirty Years War was a flash! … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Public Works Plan Would Devalue our Future

To the Editor:

I chose to raise my family in Collinsville for its vibrant community and riverside location. On Election Day we will be asked whether to build a larger garage on the current riverfront site. I will be voting no, because I will not devalue our future in a desperate attempt to meet the needs of today.

I think a new garage should be constructed elsewhere. I am supported by the recommendations of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee, the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, the Canton Conservation Commission, and a surveyed majority of citizens. … Continue Reading

Canton Residents Continue Debate on Public Works Proposal

October 27, 2016 Government, Referendum No Comments

Photo by John Fitts

Referendum set for Nov. 8

By John Fitts

In a precursor to the Nov. 8 referendum, more than 100 residents came out Wednesday to learn more or voice their opinion on the town’s plan to erect a new 14,100 square-foot, $3.825 million public works facility on the existing site at 50 Old River Road.

The plan is to build a facility to house the town’s equipment, complete with a wash bay, portable lift and crane, generator, office area and public restrooms. The conceptual plan also calls for a new salt shed, a revamped fueling station, floodplain mitigation on the existing softball field and additional parking. The facility would replace the approximate 600-square foot existing building although the plan is to keep the old horse barn portion for public storage of some kind.

The town would pay for the facility though a 20-year bond. In 2017-2018, the town would pay $319,313. The impact for the project that year would be .3 mills. The “average” taxpayer, with an assessed home of $238,832, would pay $68.61 for the project in 2017-2018. From there, the payments would drop.

The Special Town Meeting was held to give residents a chance to hear more about the plan, offer comments and ask questions. No vote was taken and it adjourned to the Nov. 8 referendum, slated for 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Canton High School. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Building Town Garage in Flood Plain is Financially Short-Sighted

October 27, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

I urge Canton residents to vote NO on the referendum Nov. 8 asking that the town spend $3.8 million to build a new town garage in a flood plain beside the Farmington River.

From a strictly financial standpoint, constructing a new building in a known flood plain is short-sighted and unwise. Why would a town build in an area that floods and is projected to flood more in the future? The plans call for digging up soil from the neighboring ball field to create one-foot mounds on which to build the buildings, but the entire site and the access roads, including the fuel tanks that supply town vehicles, will still be in a flood plain. The DPW director has said that town crews will move the vehicles to a temporary location before storms hit to keep them safe. Why would we build a new building knowing this type of measure would be necessary? … Continue Reading

To the Editor: Right Project, Right Price, Right Location

To the Editor:

I advocate rebuilding the Town of Canton highway garage in its existing location. I believe this is the right project at the right price in the right location.

This project has been under consideration and refined for eight years. It has been voted on at least three times and defeated as too expensive. My father, when he was on the Board of Finance eight years ago, said the Town needed a new garage, but he complained about the cost back then. By revising the project size and re-using the existing site, the cost has be reduced $900,000 from the last proposal. This is about a 20 percent reduction. So, we have the right project and the right price. … Continue Reading

Document: Town’s Presentation on Public Works Facility Proposal

October 26, 2016 Government, Referendum No Comments

Below is the presentation Canton town officials gave during a special town meeting on Wednesday night. After the slideshow, many residents offered their opinions of the proposal for a $3.825 million public works facility at the current site near the Farmington River. Canton Compass will post a follow-up story with some of those comments. The document is also available at https://www.scribd.com/document/329052129/Final-50-Old-River-Road-Proposal-2016


Letter to the Editor: Protect the River and Look to Route 44 Site

Letter to the Editor:

There are two issues which Canton residents have agreed on for many years.

The first, as shown by a town wide survey done in 2006 as part of the update to the Town Plan of Conservation and Development, is that the Farmington River is Canton’s most significant natural resource. In addition to being the major recreational asset it along with the bike trail is the chief economic driver for the Collinsville area. … Continue Reading


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