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Letter to the Editor: Canton Land Trust – no deal on Satan’s Kingdom

October 6, 2014 Opinion, Reader Contributed, Satan's Kingdom No Comments
Some Canton residents have come under the impression that the Canton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT) “made a deal” and agreed to accept land if the Satan’s Kingdom zoning change were granted. Such an impression is not accurate. In order to set the record straight, the CLCT co-presidents have posted a special statement on the CLCT website, www.cantonlandtrust.org, the full text of which is as follows:

During last month’s Canton Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing concerning the proposal to rezone acreage near Satan’s Kingdom and the Farmington River for the purpose of developing the site as an industrial park, misconceptions arose with regard to a relationship between the developer, Satan’s Kingdom LLC, and the Canton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT). It seems that some Canton residents left the meeting under the impression the Land Trust had “made a deal” with the developer, Allan Borghesi, and that the Trust had agreed to accept an offer of eight acres of open space if his zone change application were granted. The explanation that follows should demonstrate that such an impression is not accurate.
During the summer, a member of the CLCT Board attended a meeting that included Mr. Borghesi, members of the New Hartford Land Trust Board of Directors, and several Mohawk Drive property owners. At this meeting, Mr. Borghesi discussed the possibility of both land trusts accepting open space or conservation easements as part of his plan for the property. A week prior to the public hearing, Mr. Borghesi called the co-presidents of the CLCT and asked that we send him a letter stating that we would accept the land if it were offered to us. Mr. Borghesi was informed that the CLCT has a formal process by which open space is accepted. He was sent a letter outlining that process and listing some open questions about the proposal that would need to be answered in writing before any vote could be taken on his proposal by our Board of Directors. No written proposal was ever made, and the open questions were never answered, so consequently no discussion concerning the acceptance of the open space took place at our September board meeting. Continuing questions or concerns regarding this issue may be addressed to the CLCT Co-Presidents, Christian Winkler and Jay Kaplan (e-mail: copresidents@cantonlandtrust.org).
CLCT Co-Presidents
Christian Winkler and Jay Kaplan


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