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Town Receives Nearly $20,000 for Speed Enforcement Measures

July 18, 2014 Government, Police No Comments

The town has received a High Risk Rural Roads — Speed Enforcement Program Grant for the period of July 18 to September 14, 2014.

The federal funds, designated the state Department of Transportation, include $16,100 for enforcement and $3,591 for radar speed-detection equipment.

The grant will allow officers to deploy speed enforcement measure to roads that involve a high number of speeding complaints, as well as take a more proactive approach, officials said.

Specific actions, according to the grant application, would include an unmarked vehicle, a new Selective Traffic Enforcement Plan, Patrol Checks, neighborhood meetings and collaboration with area departments.

The grant will allow the department to schedule an additional officer on selected dates so that person can dedicate their time to the speed enforcement measures, according to the application.

“This grant will allow us to specifically assign patrol officers to the sole objective to detect speeding, erratic and distractive driving on rural road in Canton and take appropriate enforcement action,” Police Chief Christopher G. Arciero said in a prepared release.

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