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Chief: Police Obtain Arrest Warrant in Collinsville Tree Incident

July 25, 2014 Police No Comments
The scene on Main Street early Tuesday morning.  Photo by Jessie Deloy

The scene on Main Street after the tree was taken.
Photo by Jessie Deloy

Canton Police have “identified a suspect” and obtained an arrest warrant in connection with the May theft of a newly planted tree in downtown Collinsville, Police Chief Christopher Arciero said.

In May, a newly planted Jefferson Elm tree was stolen from the tree well in which it had been planted in front of the Valley House, along Main Street. Located on town property, the town had removed two locust trees and replaced it with the one Jefferson Elm.

The warrant is for criminal mischief and sixth-degree larceny, Arciero said. It is for one individual and has not yet been served, he said Friday.

“I was pleased with the collective investigative effort by members of the Canton Police Department,” Arciero said.

Arciero declined to identify the individual sought and said he could not provide further details at this time.

The tree was planted on Monday, May 12 and was taken out sometime between that night and the next morning.

In addition to the missing tree, dirt was strewn on the sidewalk down Main Street.

The incident followed what had been a controversial decision to remove the trees. Last fall, tree warden Tom Richardson held a hearing on the matter and the two locust trees were cut in the spring. (Other trees closer to the Valley House were also removed but those were on private property).

Officials said the decision to plant an Elm was made with the help of Chris Donnelly, urban forest coordinator for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The tree has not been found, sources said, and town officials said they do intend to plant another tree at some point.


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