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Hearing on Brewery, Informal Satan’s Kingdom Discussion Set to Take Place Next Week

January 16, 2015 Business, Government, Planning and Zoning No Comments

TRBC-simple-logo-trans-2On Jan. 21, the Canton Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on a proposed “nano” brewery as well as an informal discussion on a residential subdivision plan for the “Satan’s Kingdom” property on Route 44.

New Hartford resident Geoffrey Mattheis is looking to open Tidal River Brewing Co., which hopes to manufacture and sell beer directly in 32 and 64-ounce growlers, market to local restaurants and retail outlets and offer tours, scheduled tastings and host special events. See more in our previous story here.

The informal discussion on Satan’s Kingdom involves possible plans for a 39-acre property between Route 44 and the Farmington River, owned by Satan’s Kingdom, LLC. Land use for the property became a hot topic in town after the company sought to change much of the land from residential to industrial. The company was successful in getting approximately 18 acres re-zoned in New Hartford. 

The Canton application, however, was eventually withdrawn and in November,  Allan Borghesi of Satan’s Kingdom, LLC and Borghesi Building and Engineering, informally floated a concept for a housing development with approximately 9 houses as well as some open space. The plan, he said in November, did not include the “ridge” re-grading that had been part of the industrial park plans.

The plan has not been officially submitted but developers are allowed an informal discussion or “pre-application review” as long as its scheduled in advance. For more on the Satan’s Kingdom Issue, we have three pages of archives at https://cantoncompass.com/category/satans-kingdom/

The informal concept shown in November (Note this is not a submitted plan).

The informal concept shown in November (Note this is not a submitted plan).

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