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Updated: Bounce Town Owners Plan to Open Canton Location

February 24, 2015 Business No Comments


Editor’s Note: The owners of Bounce Town have announced that the opening of the facility has been delayed due to a delay in the shipping of inflatables. The new target date is March 7.

It was the Canton Jump Zone location that inspired Scott and Stephanie Weinstein to open Bounce Town in South Windsor.

Despite living in Suffield, they had brought their own kids to the Canton facility on several occasions.

“We always loved the layout and we always loved the facility,” Scott Weinstein said.

The couple realized that other families in their area would appreciate such a business and they decided to open Bounce Town, located at 97 Commerce Way, South Windsor.

Now after five years of operating that business, the couple is opening its second location in that very 9,000-square foot, 15 Cheryl Drive space that was home to the Canton Jump Zone franchise, which closed its doors in late December.

Bounce Town is due to open March 1.

Currently the site is getting a near complete makeover, with fresh paint, thorough cleaning, a new arcade/redemption game area and entirely new inflatables, which Weinstein said would be replaced every two years.

One of the new inflatables at Bounce Town.

One of the new inflatables at Bounce Town.

With updated equipment, a fresh look and some business model differences, such as completely private birthday parties, Scott Weinstein said he feels the facility will serve the area well.

“I’m just looking forward to starting from scratch and providing what the customers deserve,” he said.

Birthday parties are the bread and butter of the South Windsor facility, Weinstein said. He anticipates that in time, the Canton location will also host numerous weekend parties. During those events, the facility would be closed to walk-ins and each party would have an hour of exclusive time in the jumping area, followed by 45 minutes in the party room.

“The reason for our success is our birthday parties,” he said. “We do everything for the customer.”

For party information, hours of operation and other details visit http://thebouncetown.com/canton/ or  https://www.facebook.com/TheBounceTown

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