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Canton Resident’s Tale Shares the Joys of Country Living

February 4, 2016 Arts and Entertainment, Community, Environment, Outdoors No Comments
Shawn Weeks and his niece Siri. Photo by John Fitts

Shawn Weeks and his niece Siri.
Photo by John Fitts

By John Fitts

In his first children’s tale, Canton resident Shawn M. Weeks tells us about Siri, a little girl who moves to the country and discovers the joys of the great outdoors and spending time with a close-knit family.

SIRI-&-ME-KINDLE-PROMO-FAE1C“Siri and Me: The Big Move,” now available in Kindle e-reader format, is named after Weeks’ own niece – Siri – and closely mirrors the family’s move from Stratford to Canton approximately 10 years ago.

Weeks said the heart of the story is about remaining close with your family, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, working hard and spending time in the natural world.

“People don’t live that way today and it’s just a wonderful way to live,” Weeks said. “I wanted to tell the story that people can still live the old-fashioned lifestyle of a large, extended family.”

The book, designed for children ages 3 to 5, features illustrations by Andreas K. Eldracher, a Torrington resident who also formerly lived in Stratford.The two have known each other for years.

“He captured what was in my head when I was writing the book,” Weeks said.

The book is also just the first in a series and this week, the author received word that Christian Faith Publishing had accepted the manuscript and was interested in seeing more stories.

Weeks grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut and is an avid gardener, fisherman and hunter. He’s worked with nuisance wildlife and has written for publications such as Farmers’ Almanac. This is his first book.

While he feels Canton has changed a little since moving here, Weeks said he still loves the town and area.

“It’s more comfortable; it’s more country,” he said. “It just has that feel to it.”

See more about Siri and me on the facebook page and purchase the e-book here.


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