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Phonosynthesis to Bring ‘Grüvhaus’ to Crown and Hammer on Saturday

April 13, 2016 Arts and Entertainment No Comments
From left are Isaac Young, Tommy Furdon, Nick Charlton and Jon Dostou. Photo by David Stoltz

From left are Isaac Young, Tommy Furdon, Nick Charlton and Jon Dostou.
Photo by David Stoltz

By John Fitts

Get ready for the “Grüvhaus.”

On Saturday, April 16, the band Phonosynthesis will bring its infectious grooves, rock-based improvisation and jazz-funk sensibilities to the Crown and Hammer to showcase the songs on their debut album.

“I can’t wait to share the live performances with everyone,” said Collinsville resident and band guitarist Tommy Furdon.

In addition to showcasing its Grüvhaus recording, the show will marks the band’s first visit to Collinsville.

“There’s such a good scene there,” said West Hartford resident Isaac Young (vocals, piano, saxophone). “It’s going to be a listening crowd.”

Young and Hartford resident Jon Dostou (bass, vocals) formed the band in the summer of 2014. Both are formally trained musicians whose studies brought them to the University of Hartford. They didn’t cross paths there but met nearly 6 years ago at the West Hartford Music and Arts Store, where both teach music.

It wasn’t long before they were playing a sax-bass duo at Backstage Pizza Café and collaborating on other projects, including the Isaac Young Quartet.

In Phonosythesis, the two wanted to fuse their varied influences in highly musical but fun way.

“We’re trying to take the best parts of the jazz style that are still relevant to people and the best parts of the rock style that are still relevant to people,” Dostou said.

When the Grüvhaus recording began in April of 2015, the band was a trio that included drummer Seth Botos.

After he moved out-of-state, the band decided to expand to a quartet and brought on Furdon and drummer Nick Charlton to play live and help finish the album, which culls material written and co-written by Young and Dostou.

Grüvhaus features design work by Kenyon Grant of Collinsville and Glenn LaVertu. Several guest musicians appear on the recording, including bassist Andrew Davis and horn players Seth A. Bailey, David Wharton, Mike Oehmen, Vicky Medeiros and John Mundy. It was recorded at Nate Faulkenberry’s South Glastonbury studio, utilizing microphones and equipment from the renowned South Windsor company TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik.

Most of all, however, the goal of the album was to keep a spontaneous vibe .

“We hope the album is emblematic of the live experience,” Dostou said.

Saturday’s show starts at 9 p.m. and runs until at least midnight. The Crown and Hammer is located at 3 depot Street in Collinsville.

CDs will be on sale for $10.

For more on the band visit http://www.phonosynthesismusic.com.


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