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Sam Collins Day Nixed for 2016

April 28, 2016 Business, Community No Comments
Svetlana and Mark Bettera at the La Trattoria Food Court booth at the 2014 Sam Collins Day. Photo by John Fitts

Svetlana and Mark Bettera at the La Trattoria Food Court booth at the 2014 Sam Collins Day.
Photo by John Fitts

Focus on Canton Will Host a September Walk for Food and Fuel on the Traditional Event Weekend

By John Fitts

Sam Collins Day will be on “hiatus” for 2016, according to event organizers.

Last year marked the 21st annual event for the business expo and community fair. It included business tents, community organization booths, a Taste of Canton, art demonstrations, live music, children’s games and more. The bulk of the activities took place at the Canton Volunteer Fire Department Inc. field on Canton Springs Road, with additional events in downtown Collinsville.

Rina Pane, Treasurer of the Sam Collins Day committee, said the decreased participation and attendance in 2015 was the driving factor in canceling the event this year.

“It’s not happening this year due to a drop off in attendance and participation from the business community, which historically carried much of the cost – in their own best interests,” Pane said “We’re concerned about the Connecticut economy and how the affects our participants.”

Named after the founder of the now defunct Collins Company, the event was sponsored by the Canton Chamber of Commerce, Canton Lions Club, Rotary Club of Avon-Canton and the town.

While the crowds in 2015 were down, Sam Collins Day Committee chairwoman Mary Tomolonius said event attendance has been good in the past and she expects it will return in a revamped form.

“More than likely the event will happen again in 2017,” Tomolonius said.

Tomolonius added that she’d like to thank the business community, community organizations, Canton Volunteer fire Department Inc., volunteers, attendees and the numerous others who’ve had a hand in the event over the years.

While there was a lot of aspects to the event, one of the great things, Tomolonius said, was the fact that it showcased some many local businesses as well as artists, musicians and community organizations.

“It made people aware of what’s really in their community,” Tomolonius said. “That was the impetus for Sam Collins Day.”

Tomolonius said every aspect of the event will be “on the table” as organizers step back a re-evaluate.

“We’re sorry to disappoint people who look forward to this event but we plan to come back bigger and better than ever before,” Tomolonius said.

Additionally the third Saturday in Collinsville, the traditional day the event was held, won’t be without a community event.

Pane, who is now president of Focus on Canton, said that organization, which “coordinates community efforts to assist Canton residents with personal and community needs,” will hold a Walk for Food and Fuel on Sept. 17.

“Focus on Canton is using that date to sponsor a Walk For Food and Fuel, which is an expansion of the previous Walk for Hunger in the Spring,” she said.

Stay tuned for further details in the coming months.



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