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Canton Democrats, Republicans to Vote at Community Center for Tuesday’s Primary

April 25, 2016 Politics No Comments

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.00.06 PMBy John Fitts

Polls are open at the Canton Community Center from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday for the state’s Democratic and Republican primaries.

Election officials are expecting a fair amount of activity for what’s been a race with a lot of contention and related media frenzy.

“There’s definitely a lot of interest in this primary,” said Lynn Homan, Canton’s Democratic Registrar of Voters.

As of Monday, Republican voters in Canton totaled 2,223 or 30.8 percent of the town’s 7,199 registered voters. Democrats claimed 32 percent of that total,  with a number of 2,307.

From March 1 through Monday, the town received 211 voter updates, said Republican Registrar Jack Miner.

“In the last two weeks, the majority has been people joining the Democratic party,” Miner said.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders certainly attracted a lot of those voters, Miner said.

However, there were some unaffiliated voters enrolling in the Republican party as late as Monday prior to the in-person deadline, with many sounding support for Donald J. Trump, officials said. There were also a handful of new voters, mostly residents who had moved from another town.

While Republican Ben Carson is no longer campaigning, he is still on the ballot. Registered Republicans  will have the following choices.

  • Ted Cruz – 1A
  • Ben Carson – 1B
  • Donald J. Trump – 1C
  • John R. Kasich – 1D
  • Uncommitted – 1E

Democrats, on the other hand, have the choice between three people on the ballot, including the little talked about Roque ‘Rocky’ De La Fuente, a California business man. The ballot is as follows.

  • Roque ‘Rocky’ De La Fuente – 1A
  • Hillary Clinton – 1B
  • Bernie Sanders – 1C
  • Uncommitted – 1D

Voting takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the upper level of the Canton Community Center, 40 Dyer Ave.


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