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Farmington Valley Stage Presents ‘Sex Please, We’re Sixty’

May 9, 2016 Arts and Entertainment No Comments
From left are Karen Sidel, Ingrid Smith, Laura Garger, Marsha Howard Karp Albert Geetter and Cliff Gibson. Photo by Anna Zuckerman-Vdovenko

From left are Karen Sidel, Ingrid Smith, Laura Garger, Marsha Howard Karp
Albert Geetter and Cliff Gibson.
Photo by Anna Zuckerman-Vdovenko

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A little blue pill is the focus of the Farmington Valley Stage’s zany comedy, “Sex Please, We’re Sixty” which is performed May 12, 13, 14 at 8 pm, at the Canton Town Hall Auditorium in picturesque Collinsville.

Don’t be fooled by the title. “Sex Please We’re Sixty” is a very clean, comedic farce written by Michael and Susan Parker. Michael and Susan Parker are Florida playwrights with several “American” farces to their credit. Those include “The Sensuous Senator,” “There’s a Burglar in My Bed”, “Whose Wives are they Anyway?,” among others. English born and raised, Michael Parker and his wife Susan, write plays that combine familiar British farce situations, into an American setting. Their plays are stereotypical comedies, with over the top, bawdy, nonsensical plots. As with “Sex Please We’re Sixty”, the result is a great deal of fun.

Like the best of the classic British bedroom farces, “Sex Please We’re Sixty”  is all tease and no delivery, especially given that the plot involves  80 year old “Bud the Stud”, who’s having a Viagra shortage.

The show centers around Mrs. Stancliffe’s Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast and her neighbors, Bud “The Stud” Davis, a man with a rich sexual appetite, thanks to his Viagra-enhanced libido and the optimistic Henry Mitchell who has been courting Mrs. Stancliffe unsuccessfully for 20 years.

Things get a little strange around the cottage when Henry, who’s a retired chemist, invents his own little blue pills called Venusia, similar to Bud’s Viagra, only they increase menopausal women’s libido. Enter three middle-aged women: Victoria Ambrose, a romance novelist with writer’s block; Charmaine Beauregard, a southern bell whose sexual appetite exceeds Bud’s, and Hillary Hudson, a former colleague of Henry’s who has come to test his Venusia.

Karen Sidel and Cliff Gibson. Photo by Anna Zuckerman-Vdovenko

Karen Sidel and Cliff Gibson.
Photo by Anna Zuckerman-Vdovenko

Although Bud and Henry intend to try Venusia on uptight Mrs. Stancliffe, something unexpected happens. Without giving too much away, it turns out if a man happens to take Venusia, the effects are quite the opposite of the pill’s original intention. It causes menopause, complete with hot flashes, mood swings, weeping and irritability.

This play ends the fourth season for the Farmington Valley Stage Company. “It’s our goal to provide a variety of entertainment to the Farmington Valley,” stated Executive Director, Doreen Cohn.  “This past season we presented not only plays, but musical revues, original one-acts, a “live” radio broadcast, and most recently the off-Broadway musical, “Forbidden Broadway.” We’re testing the waters to see what type of programs our audience prefers.  When I came across “Sex Please, We’re Sixty” I thought that this not only would be fun for the audience, but provide roles for local actors that are more, let’s say, ‘seasoned’. “

The role of Bud Davis (Bud the Stud) is played by 80 year old West Hartford resident, Albert Geetter. In addition to being a retired surgeon, Albert’s passion for acting has spanned forty incredible years. Most recently he was a featured narrator with the West Hartford Symphony Orchestra for the tone poem, “Ellis Island.”

The cast also includes actors from the local area: Ingrid Smith (Torrington) as Mrs. Stancliffe, Cliff Gibson (Granby) as Henry Mitchell, Karen Sidel (Simsbury), as the writer Victoria Ambrose, Marsha Howard Karp (West Hartford) as the Southern Belle, Charmaine Beauregard, and Laura Garger (Avon) as Hillary Hudson.

Directed by Doreen Cohn (Simsbury), Assistant Director/Stage Manager Heidi Bengraff (Windsor), Costume Design by Cindy Braunlich (Simsbury), props/set dressing, Dian Pomeranz (Simsbury), Constance Marlowe (Collinsville), Production Assistant, and Technical Direction/Set Design by Ken Jones (Canton).

Like any other bedroom farce, at its best, is never explicit on stage, and rarely obscene; sex is funny, but talking about it, rather than watching it, is funnier. It’s hardly a weighty or philosophical play, but purely for laughs.  It’s too much for a younger child to understand or enjoy, but it’s not too embarrassing for late teens to see around adults. Most particularly, the play, and the cast, are reminders to all of us that sex and romance don’t die out at thirty or forty, and everyone has a shot at it. Especially when Bud is in the area.


Make it a full evening with dinner or after show drinks at Collinsville’s Francesca’s Wine Bar and Bistro.  Mention FV Stage for a 15% discount. (Reservations suggested)


Performances are May12, 13, 14 at 8 pm, at the theatre located at 4 Market Street, (Canton Town Hall), Collinsville, CT. Tickets are $18 seniors/students, $20 adults in Advance online, and $20/$22 at the door.



To purchase tickets, or for more information about the play or the stage company, please see our website: www.fvstage.org





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