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Pete Pidgeon Continues Musical Journey With ‘All the Little Things’

May 25, 2016 Arts and Entertainment No Comments

All the Little Things - Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda - coverBy John Fitts 

It took years of listening, practicing and working every odd job he could find for Pete Pidgeon to bring his latest recording to market.

But the former Collinsville resident is passionate and serious about his music. After 5 years of hard work and a $30,000 investment “All the Little Things” by Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda is available now in vinyl, CD and digital format.

Pidgeon’s fourth full-length album, “All the Little Things” is firmly planted in roots music, borrowing from and expanding musical stylings that range from bluegrass to R&B. The album, recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY, features the likes of the late Levon Helm, banjoist Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters and bassist Catherine Popper.

“All the Little Things is very much an Americana record,” said Pidgeon, a 1995 Simsbury High School graduate. “It’s rooted in traditional American music.”

The album is also firmly rooted in Pidgeon’s own life and moments that are easy to relate with. It’s “a whole reference the course of life – from elementary school through old age,” he said.

“‘All the Little Things'” are the small steps along the way during the long journey of life,” he said.

Among the tales on the album are stories of heading west for the first time, reflecting on people left behind, traveling, the joy of youth, life’s struggles and an elder looking back on bygone days.

“The littlest things add up/ a little at a time/ enough to fill a whole coffee cup. Most don’t even notice them/ But taken at their whole they all seem familiar now,” Pidgeon writes on The “Ways We Change.”

The album’s ‘soft’ release came April 16 on Record Store Day with special events in Denver, Boulder and New York City.

On June 2, Pidgeon will perform at an official launch party in Denver but already the album can be ordered or downloaded through his web site. Pidgeon is also getting ready for an extensive tour plans to come to the area in late summer and early fall.

Pidgeon is already making a name for himself but he hopes the latest recording will attract the type of investment that could bring his career to the next level.

It’s a journey that started at a very young age.

“I started with pots and pans – playing shoebox percussion since probably before I could walk,” he said. “There was always music in the house.”

His parents also listed to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Randy Newman, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder.

“My parents had a great vinyl collection,” he said, adding that his brother Scott introduced him to artists The Who, Led Zeppelin and Dire Straits.

Additionally, his mom played piano and his dad and brother the guitar. Music took over their living space.

“It was called the living room but it was really the music room,” he said. “I was always drawn to that room. That’s where we hung out.”

Naturally Pete also learned how to play guitar at an early age and is proficient on several instruments.

He’s remained dedicated to recoding and playing live. He first played in local bands before he was old enough to drive to gigs, and his journey has taken him the the Hudson Valley, Boston area, and now out west. Along the way he studied music at Rutgers – New Brunswick and SUNY New Paltz. At the latter, he expanded his knowledge of jazz.

He’s also pursued other projects over the years and authored “Hampton 98,” a book that chronicles the the mid to late 1990s Phish experience through writing and photographs.

Pidgeon has lived in numerous locations and toured played and produced a variety of music. Arcoda was formed in late 1998 and is a name that ecompasses the players he’s currently with.

At a GRAMMY-related party earlier this year are, from left. Grammy winner Wouter Kellerman, Jules Poirier, Pete Pidgeon and Grammy winner Ricky Kej. Submitted Photo

At a GRAMMY-related party earlier this year are, from left. Grammy winner Wouter Kellerman, Jules Poirier, Pete Pidgeon and Grammy winner
Ricky Kej.
Submitted Photo

Pidgeon’s also been a voting member of the Recording Academy for more than 5 years and this year had the opportunity to attend the GRAMMY Awards and many of pre and after-event parties with friend and Avon resident Jules Poirier.

They had the chance to attend events such as the 2nd Annual Soiree at the Whisky A Go Go, Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony, Grammy Awards Telecast Ceremony, the Official Grammy After Party and  Chris Brown’s Grammy After Party at The Playhouse in Hollywood.

Pidgeon said that beyond the fun – and the headliners  – many likely don’t realize just how many working musicians, producers, engineers and others are part of the effort.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “If you can take the politics out of it, it’s an incredible networking opportunity and a chance to just meet other musicians that are getting it done.”

Meanwhile Pidgeon is doing just that but he does hope the new record attracts some investors. Five years of scrimping and saving to get it done.

“It took that long to be living on a poverty line in order to save for the record,” he said. “Hopefully I now garner the favor of investors.”

To learn more about Pidgeon and to purchase the new album, visit http://www.petepidgeon.com.


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