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Connecticut Native Brings Eclectic Music to Bridge Street Live Thursday Night

July 6, 2016 Arts and Entertainment No Comments
Mike Cobb & The Crevulators are at Bridge Street Live Thursday night.

Mike Cobb & The Crevulators are at Bridge Street Live Thursday night.

By John Fitts 

In his 26 years of playing music, guitarist and songwriter Mike Cobb has played numerous shows but few in his home state.

On Thursday night, the Norfolk native will rectify that situation when he brings his band The Crevulators to Bridge Street Live for his first public show in Connecticut.

“We perform regularly at New York’s finer honky tonks and are really excited to come back and play my home state,” Cobb said.

It won’t however, be Cobb’s first visit to Bridge Street Live.

“I’ve seen shows there and it’s a great space,” he said. 

Cobb, a native of Norfolk, is now based in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to his own music, he writes about music and produces a podcast.

Cobb started the band while at the University of Oregon. The name alludes to a bogus car part has been attributed to “Fletch,” a literary character and offbeat investigative journalist played on the big screen by Chevy Chase. The name also draws its inspiration from the car lovers who make up one of the eclectic “pockets” of people found in Connecticut’s northwest corner and fit perfectly with the rockabilly and country roots of the band.

The Crevulators’ lineup has changed over time as people move and move on. Cobb has also expanded the musical palette and the band draws influences from bluegrass, blues, country, rockabilly, rock n’ roll, surf, garage, Tejano, psych, punk, ska, and more.

“The sound has morphed a lot of the years,” Cobb said.

At Bridge Street, the band will play approximately half covers and half originals.

“We’re a great jukebox – a little bit of everything,” Cobb said.

Cobb returns to the state on Thursday night for an 8 p.m. show at Bridge Street Live. It’s part of the venue’s Homegrown Thursday series, which is designed to bring talented artists to town at a reasonable cost. Tickets are $12 and $20.

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