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Matterhorn Mini Golf Well Into the Swing of Second Season

July 29, 2016 Business, Community No Comments

By John Fitts 

CANTON — Now in its second season, Matterhorn Mini Golf is attracting people from places like Rhode Island, Westchester County and New Haven county who come to try a round of golf at the Swiss-themed course. Sometimes, folks from either further away find their way to the course as well.

Recently the Bateson family was visiting from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, considered the mini golf capital of the world. They have family in the area and didn’t come just for Matterhorn but were impressed by the course.

“This might be one of the neatest and most challenging course I’ve ever tried,” said David Bateson.

Owner Autumn Sutherland feels the course, now well into its second season, is becoming known.

“People are finding it a very special, different place to go,” she said.  “They are very grateful to come and find the new, world-class place to mini golf.”

There’s plenty of variety on the half-acre, 18-hole course at 10 Dyer Cemetery Road – just off of Route 44.  Sutherland, however, worked to make it more than just a challenging course.

One goal for Sutherland, who spent 18 years working as a governess, was to provide, in a fun way, plenty of educational facts on the course.

“I really like the educational aspect,” she said.

People will find signs with interesting facts, several of which are related to the country and its features that are re-created on the course.

There’s also the chance for kids to have some fun finding the goats that dotted the course after they escaped from hole 2.

In reality, those goats are fiberglass but highly interesting with their colorful designs added by area artists and school groups. This weekend the fun From 10 to noon on July 23, Matterhorn will host some real goats.

Sutherland was meticulous when it came to every detail of the course and she even refined the experience for her second year, adding shade structures and other tweaks based on her flow observations from the first season.

“Everything here was a decision,” she said. “I did a ton of research to create the optimum experience for my guests.”

There’s also plenty of fun inside, like the unique ball return, posters, old skis, keepsakes, an ice cream counter and even a little free library. And of course there is Mulligan, the 2-and-a-half-year-old Coton de Tulear.

For the Fall of 2017 Sutherland is planning first official mini golf tournament for professionals and amateurs alike.

Sutherland has visited Switzerland in the past but has no direct connection to the country. However, she felt it presented a great opportunity to educate people since many are somewhat familiar with the country but also don’t know too much about it.

“I wanted a themed mini golf and I wanted something that hadn’t been done before,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland admits that she wasn’t an avid mini golfer prior to deciding to open her own place. However, she loved that the sport was both family friendly and evened the playing field. Anyone, no matter what their fitness level or age can win a game or enjoy each others’ company.

“I thought it would be a place for people to have fun,” Sutherland said. “I like that every age can golf together and be competitive.”

“In mini golf, there’s always that little but of randomness,” she added.

Open every day though labor day. After that, the course will remain open on weekends and, while weather dependent, Sutherland anticipates that could be as late as November.

See more at http://www.matterhornminigolf.com or https://www.facebook.com/matterhornminigolf/?fref=ts

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