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Letter to the Editor: The BOS Granted us Suffrage

September 1, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor: (In reference to 8-31 Board of Selectmen Meeting)

Our Town’s best decisions are based upon peacefully gathering an accurate understanding of all the important facts and thoughtfully weighing those facts in an evenhanded manner. Not on Our River’s one-sided lobbying threatens that “delicate balance.”

At last week’s meeting I handed out an analysis of NOOR as a PAC that debunked their propaganda and revealed the manipulative nature of their presentations.

I also performed a Saul Alinsky-inspired morality play featuring my Grandma as spokesperson to present the Suffering Brothers’ case and to remind us all of the violence of sharp words of the type NOOR has lashed our Selectmen with for months.

NOOR is a PAC formed to stop this project — Not to tell the truth.
The initial target of NOOR’s propaganda campaign was the Board of Selectmen.
Tom and NOOR have connived for months to deny the citizens of Canton a chance to vote. Tonight BOS granted us suffrage.
As my Grandma said on August 18th, 1920: “The era of half-angel, half-idiot is over.” Thanks to the BOS for its enduring faith in our good judgment.
Major points that support the project to rebuild at the current site include:

  1. It’s the cheapest.
  2. It’s a brownfield site near a stinky sewage plant.
  3. It’s already been accepted for garage purposes and is not in a residential neighborhood.
  4. It’s centrally located.
  5. It occupies about 200 feet of river frontage but is set well back from the river.
  6. Its site plan allows for continued recreational use of the riverfront.
  7. And finally, after 25 years, it’s real and can start immediately–not a pipe dream of some unspecified “location to be determined later” that may never exist.

We, the voters of Canton, will decide this matter fairly. I will support Our decision.
Lans Perry




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