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Letter to the Editor: We Don’t Have to Build on the River

September 1, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor:

Canton is my hometown.  While I moved away when I was 22, I have many fond memories, and I return from time to time to visit my parents who still live there after 53 years.

Thus, it was with sadness that I recently learned that the Board of Selectman has proposed to re-build the town garage on its existing site along the Farmington River.

The Farmington River is big part of what made, and makes, Canton special for me.  It is a beautiful part of the town’s landscape, and it is wonderful to walk along or tube down.

I don’t want the garage to interfere with the beauty and recreational opportunities of the river.  It would be particularly unfortunate to saddle the river with an unsightly structure when there are other places in town where the new garage could be built.

We don’t have to build the garage on the river, and we shouldn’t.

Daniel Small 


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