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Letter to the Editor: Canton Needs a Garage and Its Riverfront

September 1, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor:

Canton should think long-term when locating its new Public Works garage, because it will be there for many generations (at least 75 years, town officials say).

Fortunately, Canton already has been thinking long-term, and for a long time:  for 30 years, every town plan and study has insistently called for moving the garage off this prime riverfront site.

Now is our window of opportunity – and our responsibility – to fulfill these plans that Canton residents created, paid for, and approved:

  • The study of this section of the river (the Upper Mill Pond Study) urges returning this site to recreational use.
  • The past three Plans of Conservation and Development strongly call for reclaiming this site for recreational, economic and ecological reasons. “Recapturing the natural and scenic river‐front land occupied by the current public works garage would provide valuable public access and enhance the river’s role in the community,” says the current plan.
  • The Conservation Commission concurs.
  • And the experts tasked with siting the garage, the Permanent Municipal Building Committee, adamantly oppose rebuilding on the river. More sites are possible now that redesigns of the garage have significantly cut its size.

Canton needs a new garage and its riverfront.  Canton residents have laid out a vision to achieve both. Luckily for us, we now have the chance to do just that.

The answer to the November referendum question is clearly NO.

Jane Latus


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