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Letter to the Editor: Not an Option

September 14, 2016 Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor

NOT an option.  The Farmington River should not be compromised because 50 Old River Road is perceived to be the only site for the town garage.

I can think of two iconic images that frame the upper Collinsville Pond.

Picture Town Bridge at dawn with the mist rising off the river as a great blue heron takes flight.  On the opposite end, picture the spillway of the dam framed by the red ax factory buildings of the Collins Company. This section of the river is what defines our village.

Sandwiched between these two postcard images is an old horse barn that was never intended to serve as a garage.  And because we didn’t know better the site became established as the town garage.  We are now being asked to triple the footprint of the garage and salt shed on the same inappropriate floodplain site.  This is no place for industrial buildings of this size.

On the village end of the pond we are accepting a grant for the Collinsville Streetscape Project for economic development.  On the other end a grant was accepted and work will soon begin to secure the long-term survival of Town Bridge as an historic icon.

In between, we are being forced to choose.  Let’s bring years of riverside abuse to an end.  Choose to honor the river and the surrounding neighborhood of Collinsville.

There are better options, especially since the town now plans to build a smaller garage than when it last looked at sites. We have the time to make the right choice.

Holly Hambleton



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