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Letter to the Editor: Rebuilding Town Garage on River Contradicts Town’s Vision

September 19, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

Still on the river?

This contradicts the Town vision for enhancing our famed resource.

Yes. We need a new Town Garage.  Our fine staff works diligently to keep our roads safe.  They and their machines are currently housed in a disintegrating building which does not protect them or the Town’s investment in very expensive vehicles.

But where should we put the new facility?  Some say, Well, it has always been near the river and that hasn’t been a problem.

Just because we have not properly cared for our valuable natural resource – our river – in the past, is no excuse for continuing to encroach on it and diminish it from being used as a recreational treasure.

The Farmington River Watershed Association has worked diligently for 10 years to achieve the Wild and Scenic Designation for this stretch of the Farmington River.  Collinsville was voted one of Connecticut’s Top 10 Coolest Small Towns in America, partially based on it’s location right on the Farmington River, which helps it retain its historical character.

The river is not the only wonderful quality of our town, but it is one of the key features that make Canton a fabulous place to live and raise families.

Please let’s find another location for our garage so that we can improve our environment, not compromise it!

Gail Deutsch, Canton


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