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Letter to the Editor: Win-Win or Win-Lose

September 26, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor: 

Judging from the many comments at Town meetings and the “Not On Our River” yard signs exhibited by many residents, passage of the referendum will not produce a Win-Win result but rather a Win-Lose.  The Win will approve the construction of the much-needed garage. The Lose part of that equation will be the garage’s location.

The original study by the Town’s Permanent Municipal Building Committee (PMBC) was to identify sites that would be large enough for an approximately 20,000 sf. facility. Board of Selectmen, to address the cost factor for the garage, subsequently reduced the size to slightly less than 15,000 sf. – a reduction in size of approximately 25 percent. It is extremely noteworthy that the BOS DID NOT recharge the PMBC with finding sites for the proposed smaller garage.

On May 6, 2016 the PMBC provided a report to the BOS that listed 7 preferable sites for the garage, and strongly recommended against rebuilding at 50 River Road.  Since then, the 25% reduction in the garage’s size has opened up other potential sites – but the PMBC has not been allowed to research them.

The site issue for the garage is too important an issue to ONLY consider a few sites when garage specs have substantially changed. And because the town’s bonding schedule gives us at least another year to plan, we can take the time to do the right thing. There will be NO delay in building the garage; work CANNOT begin until 2018.

Let us make the new Town garage a Win-Win rather than a Win-Lose for the entire Town.

Barry Deutsch


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