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Letter to the Editor: ‘Our Town Garage Not On The River – Really!’

September 28, 2016 Environment, Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

We, the residents of Canton, are stuck in a lengthy, multi-layered imbroglio about where to build the new town garage.  There are many issues which have risen to the surface in the years that we have been struggling to find a pathway to implement this very critical upgrade, and the present one is the Farmington River – or not!

We’ve been at this for more than 10 years, with proposals and plans that have matured to ballot questions more than once.  We’ve been asked to support a new garage in three or four locations with well-developed project plans for each.  Those proposals have suffered defeat for a variety of reasons – a location near somebody’s backyard, the cost of acquiring the needed parcel of land or a design that was considered too extravagant.

The Board of Selectmen has labored long and hard to work through these concerns for a solution that would be acceptable to the residents of our Town.  Now, we have a plan that does not require purchasing a new parcel, that is not near a neighborhood and is not excessive in its facility development costs.

But, now we have a new issue – that the garage upgrade would somehow compromise the River!

The garage upgrade would not affect the quality of the river itself – the Town Garage has existed in its present location for over 50 years without causing injury to the River.  Actually, the garage upgrade would involve design components which will provide more protection to the River than the present facility does.

I respect the people who are promoting the “Garage – Yes… River” campaign. Their campaign is well-styled, but substantively hollow.  The beautification of the River will not be compromised by upgrading our Town Garage facility in its present location – the garage is already there!  It will be more presentable in its improved status.

More importantly, in the hierarchy of municipal needs, we need an improved Public Works facility before we need a beautification initiative for the River – especially in that location, adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment facility.  The lack of an adequate public works facility is costing us money every year in vehicle and equipment deterioration costs and expenses.

I urge our residents to support this plan to upgrade our Town Garage in its present location – “Garage – Yes, On the River” where it has been for decades!

Tim  LeGeyt 


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