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Letter to the Editor: We Can Make Our Garage Safe and Be Fiscally Responsible

October 2, 2016 Community, Environment, Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

Comment: To the Editor:

Driving through Canton it’s hard to miss the “Garage yes, but not on our river” signs. They always leave me puzzled. We have a town garage, currently on our river and the river has not suffered by its proximity. In all the intense and emotional arguments I heard about the Garage I’ve never heard any facts that stated the Garage and it’s activities have done any damage to the river. It’s a testament to the commitment and skill of our Public Works Department that they have taken such good care of the river while also taking such good care of our town. The ‘not on our river’ arguments seem to revolve around the current and proposed Garage structures being unsightly as viewed from the river.  Our town leaderships proposal to rebuild the Garage seems like a fiscally prudent idea. It addresses the concerns of having an unsightly structure near the river by replacing the old horse barn with a modern efficient structure that will serve the needs of our town, protect our towns assets and provide our DPW team with a safe and efficient place to work. The new structure’s clean, simple lines will be no less attractive; and quite likely more attractive than many other commercial buildings that currently reside next to the river. We will never eliminate commercial buildings along the river, or the road or the traffic or the waste management facility…. but we can make our town Garage a safe place to work and significantly improve its appearance while being fiscally responsible.

Mark Osmolski


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