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Letter to the Editor: Supports the DPW Facility Proposal

October 4, 2016 Environment, Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

After considering the options I am writing to support the Board of Selectmen’s recommendation to locate a new DPW facility on the present River Road site.

As a member of the previous BOS this site was not believed to be an available alternative. Now viable, I believe it makes the most sense based on needs, fiscal responsibility, and the failed attempts to relocate the facility.

This may not be the ideal solution but likely is the most practical. Our Waste Water Treatment plant is going nowhere else and my own experience indicates that the DPW and enjoyment of the river can co-exist.

In the seventies and eighties I patrolled fireworks displays, summer water-ski shows and similar river based events held in this exact location. Hundreds of people attended and would line the riverbank to watch and the DPW facility presented no obstacle.

As I recall the riverbank had less overgrowth and allowed better access to the river. To the extent regulations allow, tidying up this area to create a greenway type buffer between DPW operations and the river would be a positive step.

Hopefully costs would be minimal and enjoyment of the river would be maximized.

Lowell F. Humphrey


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