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Letter to the Editor: It Doesn’t Make Sense to Rebuild Garage at Current Location

October 10, 2016 Environment, Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To The Editor

There is no doubt that the Town of Canton is in desperate need of a new town garage. The question is where should it be located?

It just does not make sense to rebuild it at its current location. A new building residing at 1 foot above the 100 year flood stage is not an economically prudent or a safe choice. This flood stage calculation doesn’t even take into account the devastation that could occur in the event of an upstream dam breach.

The riverfront property in the town is a precious resource and should not be squandered by a hasty decision to keep the facility where it is. Our DPW workers and town residents deserve a more thoughtful solution.

I urge the Board of Selectmen to consider the recommendations of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee to relocate the garage to a more appropriate site. With the smaller footprint of the revised garage plan, there are several alternative sites in town that offer a much better long term solution.

Because the November 8th town referendum on the garage offers no site option other than rebuilding on the existing site, my vote has to be no.

Michael Ignatowicz



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