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Yoga Center of Collinsville Debuts New Space

October 17, 2016 Business, Community No Comments

By John Fitts

COLLINSVILLE — For those familiar with Yoga Center of Collinsville, their new space is easy enough to find. The business has simply moved from the first and second floor to the third floor of 10 Front St.

But now the business not only operates from one floor but its space is also completely reimagined. Over the summer, the owners, with numerous local partners, completely revamped the third floor to create a cohesive area that features a warm welcome, fluid pathways, easy check in area, natural storage for personal items, built in prop shelving, rustic appointments, a private treatment room with sound absorption insulation, an office area, restrooms and two expansive spaces – at 645 and 450 square feet – for guided yoga practice.

The business recently debuted the space to its friends, teachers and clients.

“It was a lot of fun to see the reactions,” said Shawn Cole, who owns the business with Ela Lagasse. “It felt good that all that work and investment created something special for folks.”

Work on the new space started Aug. 1 after the last tenant, a sports-based business, moved to a new location in the village.

“It had the right bones, the right layout,” Cole said. “When I walked in and saw the general layout of the existing rooms and the existing walls, my plan gelled pretty quickly for a layout that would work to improve our flow.”

That was only enhanced with the eye of his partner Ela Lagasse, who is a property developer.

“She’s very accustomed to creating spaces,” Cole said. “It was really a nice synergy.”

Cole said the project was significant and included space reconfiguration, wall completion, electrical work, floor refinishing, HVAC repair, storage space construction and much more.

There’s no doubt that panels of reclaimed barn wood are a defining feature of the space. For those, Cole worked with a fellow Collinsville business America the Beautiful to tap into available wood from a supplier in Pennsylvania.

The barn wood is featured on the Yoga Center’s statement wall – the first thing people see as they come up to the business – as well as double tracked doors in each of the two main yoga rooms. Designed to be more than decorative those doors back up to each other and when opened reveal a 35-inch passage way, created just large enough to fit a yoga mat. The feature allows someone to teach to both sides of the room, especially useful for larger gatherings and events.

The doors are significant and only scratch the surface for project partnerships. The statement wall features the business logo created with the help of Eduardo Barrios Advertising and Graphic Design. Throughout the project, Cole hired and shopped many local businesses, many of which he met through the practice and his activities with the Canton Chamber of Commerce, for which he is a director. Those local partners included:

  • America the Beautiful Country Store
  • Better Barns Hardware and Plans
  • Allen Thomas Electric
  •  Bill Thompson HVAC
  • Precision Remodel and Design
  • Celtic Painting
  • Hartford Sprinkler
  • Larsen ACE Hardware
  • Carr Hardware
  • Riverside Nursery
  • Eduardo Barrios Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Canton Sign Shop
  • Cook and Kozlak Flooring
  • Sullivan Hardwood Flooring
  • Steven Stang and GSHP Properties
  • Budget Blinds of Simsbury
Many other family, friends and volunteers chipped in as well, Cole said.

“Everything here was a collaboration with some local partner,” Cole said.

For Cole, the new space is the culmination of his six years owning the business, which started in the fall of 1997.

Cole, who originally hails from Texas, comes from an engineering background and has worked as a marketing and sales professional. He was also into Martial arts and was between jobs when Lagasse decided to take yoga teacher training. Cole joined her and through this journey, he met original YCC owner Bev Kent.

Some later conversations eventually led to a sale. About a year after he and Lagasse purchased the business, Cole realized it really needed his full-time attention.

“That’s when I decided I was going to go for that dream of being a business owner full-time,” he said.

Around that time, Cole also took over the local franchise of Natural Awakenings and continues to publish the magazine.

Cole is a firm believer in the power of yoga – and related practices – to strengthen mind, body and spirit.

He said people sometimes feel intimated but shouldn’t.

“The hardest part is just showing up,” he said. “That’s what we’re here for is to show you how. Those that make the time notice quite huge gains for mind, body and well-being.”

With 15 teachers and 35 classes per week Yoga Center of Collinsville offers a variety of classes in yoga, including 2 family classes on Saturdays, related disciplines and massage. Barre Classes will soon be offered as well, the latest of dance-based classes.

New students are offered a $50 unlimited yoga for 30 days from their first class.

The business will host a grand opening on Oct. 22 beginning at 8 a.m. A special selection of $5 classes will be offered that day.

See more about the business at http://www.yogacentercollinsville.com or https://www.facebook.com/yogacenterofcollinsville/


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