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Letter to the Editor: Resident Remains Unconvinced That Rebuilding Garage at Current Location is the Best Option

October 17, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

I recently returned from a brief trip to coastal North Carolina and Virginia.  To date, I have not seen the following issue addressed in the discussion over where to place Canton’s Town Garage.  How many Canton residents viewed the recent scenes of devastation from North Carolina and Virginia following last week’s Hurricane Matthew, a storm that was supposed to hit South Carolina and then “blow out to sea?”  Has anyone considered what might happen to a rebuilt garage on the Farmington River should such an event occur here?  

If the garage is rebuilt at its existing site along the River, how would it be affected by the flooding that occurs after an 8″ rainstorm such as we had several years ago?  How would it be affected by a moderate sized hurricane?  Not an event like 1955, but one similar to storms that have occurred during my time in Canton during which the  Collinsville dams resembled Niagara Falls.  The argument has been put forth that the sewage treatment plant is already along the River, so why not place the garage there as well.  By nature of what they do, treatment plants are usually placed along the River as they are in Farmington, Simsbury and many other towns.

A town garage does not require such placement.   There is no question that we need a new garage, no one disputes that.  To date, I remain unconvinced that rebuilding at the garage’s current location offers the best option for the Town.

Jay Kaplan
Canton resident


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