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Letter To the Editor: Enough is Enough; Rebuild the Garage Where it Is

October 19, 2016 Government, Opinion 1 Comment

Letter to the Editor:

In the past eight years, the town has spent over $300,000 searching for and studying new locations for the highway garage. We have voted three times, for two different locations, at different price tags. All these efforts have been unsuccessful, and the garage remains where it has always been, near the river, right next to the wastewater treatment plant.

The DPW staff has lived and worked through these years of arguing, nastiness, and complaining about the cost of a new facility, and about how no one wants the garage near their homes. Through it all, they have remained professional and gone about their business, serving the town and all its residents. Yes, those of us who supported building the garage on Commerce Drive are frustrated that two referendums there failed. But the voters have spoken. Whether the cost was too high, or an issue of ‘not in my backyard’, the result is the same and after two votes on the Commerce Drive location, the people spoke and the vote was no.

We can and should rebuild the garage right where it’s always been. We need a new, functional, environmentally sound facility that won’t break the bank, and won’t invade a neighborhood. The DPW staff has dealt with unacceptable working conditions, equipment falling into disrepair, and being told that the town wants a garage – just not there.

After being on the river for decades, some residents feel it is unacceptable for the garage to be rebuilt on the existing site. We need to stop spending money on studies and searches – $300,000 is enough. There will always be a concern about the cost of buying land, or the proximity to a neighborhood. We’ve spent too much time and too much money already. Enough is enough, let’s Rebuild It Right, Where It Already Is.

Patti White


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