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Letter to the Editor: Rebuilding the Town Garage Near the River is a Risky Expense

October 20, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments
To the Editor:
Having just returned from North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, and having  been in Vermont’s Mad River Valley as Hurricane Irene ripped through with incredible devastation, I feel compelled to respond to the idea of rebuilding the town garage on the banks of the Farmington River. 
This area flooded just five years ago. Building a new garage barley ( 1 foot ) above the 100 year floodplain is a risky expense. And access to the facility will remain in the floodplain so all equipment will need to be removed during extreme weather. The fueling station for the garage will also be in the floodplain. This will cut access to refueling during a flood and raises the possibility of fuel leakage.

It is my understanding that the town Building Committee has recommended several other sites that  would work well for this new, large, and needed town garage. 
Having seen firsthand the devastation wrought by two recent hurricanes I have to ask why we would not prefer to eliminate a problem rather than deal with the aftermath caused by lack of planning.
Kathleen M. Carpenter


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