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Letter to the Editor: Town Has Done Its Due Diligence

October 22, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

1. Flood zone mapping in my opinion is not 100 perecent accurate;
a. It is an overview of the area without actual boots on the ground measurements.
b. It does not take into account all the new flood control measures and regulations that control run off from properties. (When I see Canton Valley Circle needing flood insurance, the homes behind Bank of America on Rt. 44; I question the true accuracy.) I believe when they do the remapping it will actually decrease the zone coverage.2. River access:
a. With the river access that is so desperately needed, I feel this would be a good fix.
The peak use of the river would be when the garage is not in use, this type of mixed use is a win/win situation.
b. Any additional parking in the area would be a real bonus, this would free up some of the downtown parking spaces; parking in the area is a major issue.

3. Impact on the river by the actual garage use:
a. The regulations and oversight would be safer for the river, (I can hear the WHAT?? From here.). Farms, sport fields, parks & commercial garden centers tend to use fertilizer, the river and Long Island Sound are having major nitrogen issues due to run off from these types of activities. (as well as sewer plants, ours is doing fine with its levels) The garage being more regulated in essence should be a safer use.

4. Safety: (Rt. 179 in that area is the best access road in Canton for turning and level.)
a. Volume of traffic is lighter.
b. Has the easiest entrance and exit from the property.

I do believe that the Town has done its due-diligence on this project, is this a perfect location probably not, but it is needed so let’s get it done.

Thank you, 
Julius Fialkiewicz
Prior Selectman, member of the Committee to rewrite the POCD, prior member Sewer Commission, present member of Park and Recreation, past member EMS Study Committee.


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