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Letter to the Editor: Public Works Union Encourages a Yes Vote

October 24, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments
Letter to the Editor:
Hello my name is Chris Davis, President of NAGE R1-198, which represents the Canton Department of Public Works. At this time I would like to mention a few items on behalf of the Public Works Employees, in support of the towns plan to rebuild the existing town garage at 50 Old River Road. 
1. Every Day the Public Works Employees report to work facing a further deteriorating building and equipment fleet,  but we continue to serve the town and all its residents as professionals.  The DPW staff has to work in an environment that nobody should have to work in.  The building condition is deplorable with chipmunks, mice and birds inhabiting our work areas. 

2. Every Day the DPW’s fleet of trucks and heavy equipment is at the mercy of Mother Nature while being stored outside.  This equipment deteriorates at a much faster rate while sitting outside further jeopardizing our safety during all types of weather conditions. 
The Canton Department of Public Works Employees Union NAGE R1-198 would like the Town of Canton and its residents to know that we support Canton GOES and to vote “YES” on Nov. 8.  The town and its employees need this new building to support the good that we do on a daily basis.   
Thanks for your time,
Respectfully submitted by Chris Davis, President of the Public Works Union, NAGE R1-198


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