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To the Editor: Right Project, Right Price, Right Location

October 27, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

I advocate rebuilding the Town of Canton highway garage in its existing location. I believe this is the right project at the right price in the right location.

This project has been under consideration and refined for eight years. It has been voted on at least three times and defeated as too expensive. My father, when he was on the Board of Finance eight years ago, said the Town needed a new garage, but he complained about the cost back then. By revising the project size and re-using the existing site, the cost has be reduced $900,000 from the last proposal. This is about a 20 percent reduction. So, we have the right project and the right price.

Having the satisfied the project scope and price, the location seems to be the biggest point of contention to the current project. I believe the current site is the right place. The Town already owns the land; and the garage is already there. We avoid not only the cost and preparation of new land, but also preserve private use of other potential sites. The preliminary site plan actually improves the environmental footprint of the current site several ways, specifically by raising all structures, including the salt shed, above the 100 year flood plain. In addition the plan makes room for enhanced use of the area, including additional river access.

Rebuilding the garage where it is actually improves our presence on the river.
I think everyone wins with rebuilding the garage on the existing site and urge Canton voters to approve the referendum on November 8.

Warren Humphrey


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