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Letter to the Editor: Public Works Plan Would Devalue our Future

October 28, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

I chose to raise my family in Collinsville for its vibrant community and riverside location. On Election Day we will be asked whether to build a larger garage on the current riverfront site. I will be voting no, because I will not devalue our future in a desperate attempt to meet the needs of today.

I think a new garage should be constructed elsewhere. I am supported by the recommendations of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee, the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, the Canton Conservation Commission, and a surveyed majority of citizens.

It is a misconception that it will be cheapest to rebuild on the current location because the town will not need to acquire an additional property. The Building Committee has warned that the cost of flood mitigation will make this site more expensive than others, even accounting for the cost of buying land. Not to mention the added costs of insurance.

And beyond building costs, best practices in sustainable community development show that the community benefits of maximizing our riverfront would be greater. Just as the many plans and guides our community has developed over the past 30 years urge, we must consider the future costs and benefits of our choice.

Even in the short term, it is prudent to plan for the greater frequency and intensity of storm events. If we rebuild on the river now, how much will it cost residents to rebuild it again?

It is most reasonable for us to make the proper investment now. Let’s make the right choice, let’s build a new garage somewhere, but not on our river!

Tim Kendzia

Tim Kendzia




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