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Letter to the Editor: Let’s Stop Wasting Time and Our Taxpayers’ Money

October 28, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

Those opposing rebuilding the Canton town garage where it is are now changing their story and charging that the thoughtful and well thought out recommendation of the Board of Selectmen Is” hasty” and a “rush” to judgment. This is absurd.

For nearly a decade, everyone has agreed that the garage needs to be rebuilt. Over the last nine years, we have had two expensive and divisive referendums and we have spent more than $330,000 of taxpayer money on studies and site selection. In fact, the town has looked at more than 80 sites including the town green! The taxpayers have spoken resoundingly. Both referendums were defeated. I would imagine those who think this process has been hasty thought the Thirty Years War was a flash!

The time has come for us to make a decision, and that decision should be to rebuild the garage where it ALREADY is. This will save our taxpayers nearly $1 million in reduced construction and site acquisition costs, reduce operating costs and equipment depreciation and give our public works workers a safe and functional place to perform their duties. Weston and Sampson did a study for the Permanent Municipal Building Committee dated March 18, 2013 that found that building a new garage would save Canton taxpayers $13 million over the next 50 years!

We will also have the added benefits of a more environmentally friendly site and the opportunity to provide greater river access to our citizens.

There comes a time and a place to bring closure, especially with regard to a decision that has every factual and logical reason in its favor.  I would submit the time is now and the place is the voting ballot on Nov. 8. Please vote YES.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Boyko


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