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Letter to the Editor: Development Should Protect, Enhance the Farmington River

November 1, 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

To the Editor:

Thousands of visitors come to Canton to enjoy the Farmington River – and they bring their money. The river is a worldwide destination. The Courant wrote that “people from all over the planet” come here for the world-class trout fishing. (http://www.courant.com/business/hc-fly-fishing-big-business-20140902-story.html)

Development should protect and enhance this resource, not degrade it.

The claim that a new garage here will include river access is a bait and switch. The Building Committee doubts the proposed dollar amount is enough for the building, and Selectmen admit there likely won’t be money left for recreational uses. Anyway, there won’t be meaningful riverfront left.

Turning this floodplain into a buildable site will require expensive site work. And we aren’t voting on a design-build plan. If there are unforeseen conditions, do we downsize or spend more?  And as the town grows, this site won’t allow for expansion.

Our highway employees need a garage asap – and we can take another, without delaying construction. The town bonding schedule won’t allow for construction until 2018. We should take this time.

Towns don’t put their garages on prime waterfront property.  Our economic growth depends on the river and the outdoor enthusiasts seeking to connect with it.  Please vote No.

James Whitney


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