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Letter to the Editor: Nothing Is Risk Free

October 31, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

Letter to the Editor: In Response to Hope Is Not a Strategy – Lets Rebuild At the Existing Site

Nothing in life is absolutely risk-free and we deal with risk using insurance.

The town is fully insured for damage at the existing town garage.

Current coverage has a $500,000 deductible. Once the new building is constructed and raised above the 100 year flood elevation the deductible will drop to about $50,000.  The existing facility has $10,000,000  of coverage.  A garage located anywhere in town will carry a significant amount of insurance.

Could the site flood?  According to insurance actuarial tables the answer is maybe but not to an extent that an insurance carrier would not underwrite a building.  Did the garage or access road to the garage flood in 2008?  – No. Did the site flood in 1955? – Yes, though there are now flood control dams in place.

The town garage and adjacent beautiful Redford brick house both survived the 1955 flood with some damage revealing that the site is not directly in the floodway.

If the up river dams were to ever suffer a catastrophic failure as Bruce Lockwood described our government leaders would be dealing with an unfathomable life and death situation across Canton and the entire Farmington Valley.

Yet, unlike a hospital, the contents of a garage are readily mobile in the event of an impending flood. If required, insurance would be utilized to restore the garage to usefulness.

The debate centering around building below the 100 year flood elevation does present a dilemma for members of “Not On Our River.” They are adamantly against the idea of rebuilding the garage at the current site even with the knowledge it will be raised above the 100 year flood elevation.

The dilemma: Will “Not On Our River” members stop the revitalization of the former Collins Company Factory and require it to be leveled for recreation?  After all, a significant portion of the Collins Company Factory is below the 100 year flood elevation.

Readers, please join me by voting YES ‪on November 8th‬ for a new town garage where town employees will be be safe and ready to carry out their duties for the benefit of all Canton citizens.

Larry Minichiello


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