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Letter to the Editor: Not The Right Project, Place or Price

October 31, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

This is definitely NOT the right project, NOT at the right place, and NOT for the right price.  I am disappointed that our town will once again be so shortsighted to let an irreplaceable part of Canton be developed inappropriately.  The Board of Selectman in 2008 initiated a site selection process to RELOCATE the DPW site since it currently sits in a flood plain.  Previous votes have failed in large part due to the cost of the project NOT the proposed alternative locations.  This is definitely NOT the right price…$3.8 million to have a building and equipment sitting in the middle of a flood plain?!  That is just ridiculous!

This is NOT the right place for the garage.  Experts, including the Permanent Municipal Building Committee and the Farmington River Watershed Association, agree that the garage should be RELOCATED not rebuilt at the existing site.  Alternative sites exist (such as 51 Albany Turnpike) and should be considered.  The Town has further reduced the size and footprint of the facility opening up many more possible sites for consideration, which could actually be less expensive and better suited for the garage.  A NO vote on November 8 will not slow down the process since construction cannot start until 2018.  We have time to do the right thing for Canton.  It is clear we must vote NO on November 8.

Kris Walker


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