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Letter to the Editor: New Garage at Riverside Site is In the Town’s Worst Interests

November 1, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

I am compelled by my responsibilities as a member of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee for over twelve years, to say that building a new garage on the current riverside site is in the worst interest of both Canton’s taxpayers and Public Works employees.

The Building Committee emphatically urges against rebuilding here. You can read the list of reasons why in our memo to the BOS, but just these two should be enough:

  • This is a floodplain. What town would deliberately locate its essential services in the area that is most likely to be inaccessible during bad weather?
  • The site is too small for the building that Public Works needs. We have no doubt that equipment and staff would be bursting at the seams right off the bat, and that vehicles will soon remain out in the elements. The site is too small for any future expansion.

We urge taking the time that the town’s bonding schedule allows to consider new/other sites – and still be able to build in 2018.

Please do right by our Public Works staff, our Town, our wallets and our future.

Karen Berry


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