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Letter to the Editor: Likely the Most Practical Solution

November 1, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

I am not a member of Canton GOES and although I reside on Gracey Road I am fairly certain I am not one of those Chablis swilling elites.

I am not a member of NOOR but I remember when Mr. Barlow appreciated Mr. First being a loyal mouthpiece.

I admire Bruce Lockwood and worked beside him in countless emergencies. Mother Nature however injects risks into everything we do. If we lived in Tornado Alley would there be any acceptable location for a municipal building?

I do know that in my lifetime, including some forty years in public safety, I have never seen water from the Farmington River threaten the current Town Garage.

I do know that as Police Chief, a driving force behind the last new municipal building project, people raised to me the issue of the police station being built within the floodplain.

I do know that as a selectman I heard from a lot of voters who did not want a new DPW facility built adjacent to their particular neighborhood, be it Commerce Drive, Satan’s Kingdom, or Dyer Avenue.

I stated before this proposal is not the ideal solution but likely the most practical. It certainly will be the first opportunity for voters to eliminate any future risk of a new DPW facility coming to a neighborhood near them.

Lowell F. Humphrey


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