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Letter to the Editor: Yes, the River Level is Low

November 1, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor,

The comment that “we need to do something about the river” coming from a novice Selectman are not surprising.  He cites not being able to swim across the river, he brings low water level plant material to meetings and he talks about dredging.  Has he missed the fact that our region is in a serious drought?   Has he not heard government pleas to reduce water usage?

Has he considered that our coldest winter for the last ten years is much warmer than the average of thirty years ago? 

Our climate is changing.  This change is marked by longer droughts and more severe storms.  And that is the point.

The Farmington is susceptible to severe flooding as a result of this weather change.  Does Canton really want to invest $3.8 million dollars in a facility that is just barely above the flood level?  A facility to be built on an island of soil.    As a ten year past Selectman, with a certain amount of river knowledge, I cannot support the referendum.  I will vote “No”.

David Sinish
Selectman,  1997-2007
Director, Farmington River Watershed Association 1981-present.



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