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Letter to the Editor: Obvious Economic and Environmental Linkage in Rebuilding on River

November 4, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

There is an obvious negative economic and environmental linkage between attracting developers for the Collinsville Ax Factory site and rebuilding the public works garage on the Farmington River. If I were a successful developer with deep pockets looking to invest in a project like the Collins Company on the beautiful Farmington River, I would be put off to note that the Ax Factory site was within a town whose citizenry and some of its leaders were willing to endanger that river and despoil its frontage just upstream of my development. I might very well take my money elsewhere. 
It is disappointing to realize that our Boards of Selectmen and Finance do not appear to comprehend or choose not to comprehend this obvious economic and environmental linkage.

The town garage should not be rebuilt on the Farmington River. We should note NO on the Town Garage Referendum on November 8th.

Richard Swibold,


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