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Letter to the Editor: Nobody Wants to Make a Trip to a Beautiful Place to See a Garage

November 6, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments
To the Editor:
I spoke at the referendum meeting and here is the summary of what I had to say about the idea of making the river front property the place for the new town garage.
I have been a resident of Canton since 1997.  I used to come out here to visit my friend frequently.  My wife and I liked it out here so much we bought their house and raised our children.  The reason we came here was because of how beautiful it was out here.  It is even considered a state scenic area.  We lived in Hartford for years and would come out here to escape Hartford and visit a beautiful place.  I know that people from all over come here for the scenery and to visit Collinsville and some bring their canoes and kayaks and water boards.

 Now to be honest I did not know a lot about Canton politics when I moved here and I was shocked that the town had not seen fit to give our town workers a garage a long time ago to do their work in a safe and efficient manner and I have voted yes to the last 3 referendums to give them just that.  I have walked the trail on the river a lot and always thought that the small garage, the outdoor storage of vehicles and equipment, the old salt shed and sand shed was an eye sore.  It is bad enough that we have the water treatment plant there.  There are much better places to consider for the nuts and bolts of our town to be displayed.  And they would not be in a flood plain and would not have to sink a ball field to build it.
In this area I see a dog park, keep the ballpark and add maybe a playground.  I can see badly needed parking here with a sorely needed public access to the river.  With these choices we give people another reason to visit us, have a place to park and enjoy the river.  We could have a “you are here” sign on the trail and walking directions to Collinsville for shopping and restaurants.  We could set up a special view of the river where wildlife could be observed.  Maybe someday when we have to put a lot of upgrade money into the water treatment we might decide to move that as well and recapture that property.
These things would help our tax revenues, beautify our town and give people like myself another reason to maybe move here and raise our families.  But putting a new garage on the river would nail the coffin shut on reclaiming this wonderful place by deciding that this is where we want our municipal buildings to belong.  And it could take decades to get it back.
I absolutely guarantee that nobody wants to make a trip to a beautiful place to see a garage.
Gregory Evans


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