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Letter to the Editor: Let’s Come Together and Vote Yes

November 7, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

Thank you “Experts” – now let me explain why voters will be voting GARAGE – YES! tomorrow

Our town has many volunteers offering their insights, preferences and opinions to our elected officials.  I have done it and so have many others.  It is not reasonable to somehow translate all this advice to our elected officials into “directives” to them that must be followed. 

No offense to our volunteer , self-proclaimed “experts” –  but you were selected, not elected.  In addition to having their hearts dead set on having a park next to a stinky sewer plant, the Not On Our River group also consists of some of these volunteers.  This group seems quite offended that the voters and current Board of Selectmen haven’t supported their vision of building a larger, more costly garage somewhere else rather than where it already is.  NEWS FLASH – Canton’s charter wisely allows for our citizen voters to decide this issue, not you and not the various town boards for that matter.

We actually are educated voters that defeated the prior garage referendums and are voting to pass this right-sized, cost-reduced project.  We know enough to rein in our “experts” when they want to build a facility that costs too much and goes beyond what even our own DPW staff says is necessary to do their jobs.  We didn’t agree with your prior locations, size and cost of project.  To even mention Commerce Drive again after 2 failed votes by wide margins is an insult to the voting majority.  I know, Not On Our River (NOOR) just likes to mention “other sites available” to study and not get into specifics.  That’s understandable, because every time their supporters slip up and mention a site it’s either polluted, one that has already been defeated, not available for purchase even close to appraised  price, or just costs much more to develop than the current location.  One supporter even mentioned taking land by eminent domain.  These don’t sound like options that common-sense Canton voters will embrace.

The NOOR message is getting even more confusing than their lawn signs.  Some supporters want a bigger garage, some want a park, etc.  The end result of a no vote is DPW workers and town equipment languishing  while taxpayers spend more time and money studying sites for a garage plan that will resemble those previously defeated.  The Canton way is to look after our needs first over serving narrow special interests.  NOOR’s decision to be “all or nothing” seems a selfish choice.  The merits of this proposed plan include actually improving the environmental protections NOW with a raised site above the flood plain (don’t buy the scare tactics about flooding) and public amenities like parking, restrooms and potential for future river access.  Let’s come together as a community and finally solve this old issue – please join me in voting Yes for the Garage on Tuesday!

Andrew Charron
Proud volunteer in Canton



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