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Letter to the Editor: The Time is Now

November 7, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

The time is now, vote YES to rebuild the town garage on the existing site.

A rebuilt garage at the existing site will provide a safe place for our DPW workers.

A rebuilt garage at the existing site is the most cost effective option ever presented to voters.
A rebuilt garage at the existing site will set the stage for new recreational opportunities for citizens to access the river.

Fears of flooding and destruction are exaggerated.

Fears of environmental calamity are not accurate. The rebuilt garage will be set far back from the river.

The view of a rebuilt garage next to the brick sewer plant and across the street from both the fire and police stations will not impact the economic vitality of Collinsville nor be repulsive to visitors.

Even though the rebuilt garage will be close to my house I’m supporting it for the greater good of our community !

The weather forecast for tomorrow is going to be excellent!

Voters, walk, bike or drive to the polls and vote YES for a new town garage on the existing site!

Respectfully Submitted,
Larry Minichiello


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