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Letter to the Editor: Vote No on a Sketchy Project

November 7, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

What are we being asked to vote for on Election Day? To approve spending $3.8 million to construct a facility with only a conceptual layout – not final blueprints.  The plan calls for a building that just meets current needs, on a site with no room for expansion. The way the question is worded, if $3.8 million is not enough, Selectmen can make any alterations to keep the project within that budget. This would necessitate reducing the size of a building that is already barely adequate to accommodate present needs.

Why not take the time to let the Permanent Municipal Building Committee (which was cut out of the discussion to put the garage on the river) to suggest other locations suitable for the smaller building? And let’s have firm costs. Since no construction is contemplated until 2018, this would not delay the project’s completion.

As a former Chairman of the Board of Finance, I would never have supported a project this sketchy. Let’s know what we really are asked to vote for. I’m voting NO on November 8th.

Gil Small


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