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Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to BOS, DPW

November 9, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

I offer my congratulations to the Board of Selectmen and the members of the DPW on the successful passage of the Canton DPW Facility referendum.

There is finally a plan that produced a resoundingly clear approval from our citizens and now town officials must deliver the advertised project within the allotted budget.

Based on my experience with the building of a new police station I know there will be challenges along the way but none proved insurmountable when everyone worked together.

As I have stated before, this was not the ideal solution but likely the most practical. I found myself the lone member of the last BOS to publicly support this initiative but I truly believed it was a reasonable proposal that would appeal to many.

Now I trust that the passions on each side of this issue will merge into a shared desire to achieve the best possible outcomes for their respective positions.

Lowell F. Humphrey


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