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Kindergarteners Tell Us ‘How to Make a Thanksgiving Dinner’

December 2, 2016 Community, Schools No Comments

tdayEditor’s Note: Cherry Brook Kindergarten teacher Kelly Theriault has shared this class project with Canton Compass. Her students give us some advice, with a healthy dose of humor. While the Thanksgiving Holiday might be passed, some of these suggestions could come in handy for Christmas or other winter celebrations.

How to hunt down and cook a Turkey

~ by Sawyer

You take your bow and arrow and then when the turkey isn’t looking you shoot it.  You need to wear camouflage clothes which means you blend in you know?  You have to pull the back of the arrow down so the edge of the arrow is touching the bow.  Then you release by letting go of the back part and it shoots the turkey dead.  You need gloves to pick it up and then you spray it with bleach and let it dry for a couple of weeks. Then you wipe the bleach off.  Then you pull the feathers off and eat it. 

How to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

~ Aidan

You get a turkey at a farm. Then you make it dead at the farm.  You have to strap it down on top of your car with tape so it’s not flapping around.  You get it off the car with a ladder and then put it in your arms and then the oven.  Cook it for 20 minutes on 100.  Cut it up and then eat it.

How to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

~ By Teagan

You can get a turkey at Stop and Shop.  You put it in the bathtub to clean it.  Then you dry it off with a paper towel and then you put the turkey in a pan and put a green spray on it.  You can put salt, onions, water and milk all over it smooth and shiny. Then you cook it for like 15 hours or 15 long days.  Either one.

How to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

~ By Rowen

You can get a turkey from the forest. You catch it with a bow and arrow.  Then you eat it in the forest.  I’ve actually never done this before.

How to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

~ By Matteo

You can get a turkey from Target.  You need to cook it in the oven 5 minutes and then it’s done.  You can eat the turkey right off the bone.  Then you throw the bone in the trash. When you finish all your Thanksgiving dinner you can play.

How to hunt down a Turkey for Thanksgiving

~ by Sophia

You have to go behind a tree with camouflage.  You sneak around behind the tree and then you need to shoot a turkey with a gun.  You bring it in a net home and cook it on the stove for 6 minutes on 12 degrees.  You cut the bones off and put it on a plate with ketchup and then you eat it.

How to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

~ by Drew

You get a turkey in the woods. Sometimes they are walking around your backyard so just get one of those.  You have run really fast with a stick. Then you whack it.  You carry it over your shoulder into your house and cook it.


~ by Jaiana

Stuffing is a kind of food that you stuff into the turkey.  You need to make the stuffing with sugar and bread.  After you mix it all together you stuff it into the turkey by stuffing it all up.  Then you close the turkey with all the stuffing.  You cook it for like 1 minute and then when you start walking away it is usually all done.


~ by Elizabeth

You need to make it with glue, leaves and some feathers.  After you mix it all together you put it inside the turkey.  First you put the glue inside the turkey and you open up the turkey real wide to put all the other stuff in.  You stuff it real good.  That’s it.


~ by Jayden

Stuffing is the stuff you put into the turkey.  You make it with carrots and corn.  You stir it and then put it in the turkey’s mouth until he is all stuffed.  You have to open the turkey’s mouth with your hands to open it up.  You cook it for like 40 minutes on medium.

Mashed Potatoes

~ By Brynn

You need to get potatoes from Fresh Market or any Super Market.  You need about 4 potatoes for each person. You cook them in the oven for 20 or 60 minutes.  When they are all cooked you mash them with a spoon.  You will know they are all done when a timer goes off.  You need gloves or mittens to pull them out of the oven to not get burned.  You can add salt and butter.

Mashed Potatoes

~ by Serafina

You can get potatoes from the farm. You cook them in the microwave for 20. You mash them with a masher thing.  You put them in a bowl to serve them to everyone and then you eat them.  If you want you can put butter and salt on them to make them taste better.

Pumpkin Pie

~ by Kelsey

You get the pumpkin and the pie from the Grocery Store.  Then you take the pie and then you put a pumpkin into the pie and you squish the pumpkin. Usually I just squish it with my hands and then put it into the microwave and then eat it and then that’s it!

Apple Pie

~ by Allie

You can get apples from a store or an apple orchard. You cut them up into slices, put them into the pie. The crust part wraps up the apples inside.  Then you put it into the oven for maybe 20 minutes or 30 minutes I think?  You know it’s done when your house smells like an apple orchard.  You need to let it cool for 30 minutes before you eat it.  You cut the sides and bottom to see if it’s cool and it may be hot so be careful before you eat it.

Apple Pie

~ by Luke

You get the apples from Target. You can also get other things at Target like drinks and toilet paper if you need to. When you get the apples home you have to put apples in the pie crust. You put the apples into a circle shaped bowl.  You make the pie crust into a circle shape too.  You have to cut them and throw them into the pie. You can cook it for like 30 minutes or hours on 100.

How to Set a Table for Thanksgiving

~ by Jaiden

You put a big rectangle blanket on the table. You need a big rectangle because you have a lot of food on Thanksgiving.  Then you wrap a paper towel around the forks and knives to put on the table. Then you put food like salad, pink pasta, corn and mixed up pasta and pasta by itself and chicken and plates.  You say “thank you” because that is nice manners.

How to Set A Table for Thanksgiving

~ by Brody

Put a towel on the table. You can put leaves hanging on the table with tape. You can candles on the table that you get at Stop and Shop.  You put cups and plates. Then put turkey on the plate. Put mashed potatoes on the plate too.

How to Clean your house for Thanksgiving

~ by Tevin

Clean the table.  Clean the kitchen. Clean the fridgerator. Clean your room.  Clean the oven.  Clean the floors. Clean the toys. Clean the bathroom. Clean the dishes. Clean the mirror. Clean yourself.

How to get your house ready for Thanksgiving  

~ by Hunter

First you have to clean the table from breakfast. If stuff is on the ground you need to put it where it used to be.  If there is dirt on the ground then we have to vacuum. Then you clean the whole bathroom including the toilet.  You need to wipe dust in the kitchen so you are not eating dust.   Then when people come over your house looks all clean and shiny!

How to get your house ready for Thanksgiving 

~ by Reilly

First you decorate the outside and then the inside.  On the outside you put things that dig into the ground and say things like “Thanksgiving Is Nice” and “Come Here For Thanksgiving”.  On the inside you can put turkeys on the wall.  Not real turkeys but fake paper ones.  Put things that are brown, orange and yellow because those are Thanksgiving colors.  Then you need to bake a lot of food like turkey and chicken and beef.  For cleaning you get some wipes and clean the floors and then you are done. Then you are ready to have people come over!


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